Thursday, February 15, 2007

why the hell am i majoring in a social science? enrolled in some bullshit fem class so fucking floorboards i skip to keep from getting pissed? yet the teach takes attendance, forces me to sit in a rickety desk biting my motherfucking lips. today's lecture: gender roles in media. & belligerent girls with braids raise hands god, i never realized! how terrible the t.v., magazines, oh my! their faces streaked red! they chomp bocca burgers with intent! & all the while im sitting, spitting stop watching that shit! to which the teacher scolds elizabeth its not simple as that. we've been programed to accept. & i guess i dont get it. the twenty-million slides she shows depicting scenes from tomb raider: the movie. by this point, ive already packed my knapsack, pulled out my camel pack. teach sees, turns to me how can you deny media influence when you smoke? personal attack, no? rise from my seat, mutter something about kate moss's marlboro addiction being my hero. leave.

p.s. will stop bitching about school when i stop having to attend a public university in the south.