Friday, November 16, 2012

new things

excerpt from I HAVE DEVOTED MY LIFE TO THE CLITORIS @ LIT magazine issue 21

Vivien and Ondine @ Caketrain issue 10 (a collaboration w/ 10 people edited by jessalyn wakefield)

interview with kate zambreno @ BOMBLOG

Thursday, November 15, 2012

a full time job changes everything. so does working nights. the ripe morning glow is all mine. at the studio by sunrise i stretch and twist and leap through the air till my muscles vibrate. on my way home i do not walk so much as slosh. in our cramped kitchen, M and i cook our monk’s lunch: brown rice, beets, and leeks. i stand at the sink, peeling carrots, waiting for M’s quick kiss on my shoulder while he fries up a sausage for himself. at our heels, shoved against the stove, the cat mews for grease. we eat on the living room floor. dishes. i read, rolling onto my stomach then my back, unable to finish more than three pages of victorine, a novel about a 13 year old girl’s quiet, yet explosive, sexuality. its elegant, very lush. however, my mind is all chatter. already i dread my 2pm, sun-soaked commute through the valley despite the natural splendor.  as i speed north, first signs of the sun setting. a small wonder more drivers do not careen off the cliffs, staring into the lavender distance

Friday, November 9, 2012

diary love

a few months ago the internet started to bore me. i mean, really bore me.  after more than a decade of blogging, i was ready to explore other forms of sharing, especially ones that didn't involve the internet. instead, i began mailing out my personal diary in monthly installments to a few friends, and in return, they send me their journals. i'll still update precious little lamb pit but not as often, and mostly with pics, youtube, etc. if you'd like to share your journal with me--or read other's jounals--email me at cloying (at)